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Founded in 1984, JB Jurunilai Bersekutu has since grown to boast 15 offices all over Malaysia. Over the years, JB Jurunilai Bersekutu has established itself as a leading Malaysian valuation firm, estate agent and asset consultant.

Dato' Sr. Jaafar Jamaludin.jpg

Dato' Sr. Jaafar Jamaludin

Sr. Halim Osman.jpg

Sr. Halim Osman

Sr. Md Nasir Md Kasim.jpg

Sr. Md Nasir Md Kasim

Sr. Sultan Mydin Ibrahim.jpg

Sr. Sultan Mydin Ibrahim

Sr. Masanita Bakri.jpg

Sr. Masanita Bakri

Sr. Khairul Khalid.jpg

Sr. Khairul Khalid

Sr.Azahari Alias.jpg

Sr.Azahari Alias

Sr. Kalthum Mohd Ghazalli.jpg

Sr. Kalthum Mohd Ghazalli

izran hamzah omar hamzah.jpg

Sr. Izran Hamzah Omar Hamzah

Sr. Halimatun Pawan.jpg

Sr. Halimatun Pawan

Sr. Mohamad Razali Mohamad Salleh.jpg

Sr. Mohamad Razali Mohamad Salleh

Photo En Ibarahim_edited.png

Sr. Ibarahim Ishak

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