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JB Jurunilai Bersekutu provides a wide range of specialist asset consultancy services across many sectors. Our services include investment advice, consultancy, estate agency, valuations through to property management and auction. We help our Clients maximise the value of their asset through our expert advice and services.

Delivering the most comprehensive, best in class valuation reporting quality and standard to our clients.

Our asset manangement services aims to maximise value of your real estate.

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We help clients buy, sell, rent and let all types of properties across the region.

We offer specialist auctioning services with extensive experience and market knowledge in several states.

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We specialize in valuation of non-real estate tangible assets across many sectors.




Maximising the value of your business through our expert advise.

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We advice Clients for new and potential developments to maximise value and profitibility of their projects.

We help define specification of the most optimum development, incorporating flexibility to accom...

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