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We specialised in providing valuation services of fixed tangible assets for the following statutory and non-statutory purposes:


  • Loan and mortgage

  • Capital valuation for company accounts and financial statement

  • Corporate mergers, acquisition and takeover

  • Land acquisition (Land Acquisition Act 1960)

  • Leasing and letting

  • Foreclosure

  • Receivership or insolvency

  • Fire insurance

  • Auction reserve, litigation and asset administration

  • Rating i.e. Annual Value and mass valuation for Local Authority

  • Taxation i.e. RPGT (Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976), Estate Duty and Stamp Duty


Our role is to assess the value of the real estate by conducting a thorough site inspection and develop an opinion of value of the property through our resources backed by our extensive experience and knowledge of the market.

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